What is VOLIFE?

Conceived and built in the UK, by MKS Creative Ltd. to transform the volunteer recruitment and management process, VOLIFE is accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

Completely unique, it’s ideal for:

– Anyone seeking the perfect voluntary opportunity

– Any organisation looking for the best volunteers

– Any volunteer centre needing a complete recruitment solution

But VOLIFE is much, much more than a message board; it’s packed full of truly interactive tools and constantly updated information.

A huge asset to anyone using it, our platform makes the process of volunteering, recruiting volunteers or operating a volunteer centre, smoother, more efficient and completely intuitive.

Running on the latest technology to meet the demands of our fast-moving, fluid sector, VOLIFE transforms the way volunteers are recruited and opportunities managed.


Why should I choose VOLIFE?

 – It’s adapted for your organisation

– ALL technological requirements taken care of

– No installation is needed at your location

– Ongoing technical support as part of your license

– Full training provided

– State-of-the-art VOLIFE app available

– Deep, accurate statistical reports 24 hours a day